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Wednesday, July 19, 2006 

Green Apple Lollies

Aimee: mmmmm hmm tastes like gum with sugar all over it.

Bree: It tastes strange (face is screwed up in disgust!) It tastes sour. It’s delicious. That’s all.

Hope: Taste like a green apple (silence) tastes nice (silence) I really like it.

Mummy: Face shows obvious signs of disgust. Horrible apple. Second one is sweeter. Shakes head.

Daddy: Nice fresh taste – yummie! Oh crap, what a sour kick – yuk.


I love apple flavoured stuff. Which is kind of strange because, although I do LIKE apples, I'm not really that fussed by them. But anything to do with apples in it - like: apple pie, apple crumble, apple juice, apple flavoured lollies - i totally love.

Seems like the Read family struggles with the sour aspect of some lollies though. Oh well.

It's kind of ironic that the week following the day I give you the lollie assignment, Aimee gets an assignment about teeth and the things that are bad for them! Whoops!

[sheepish grin :*-)]


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