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Tuesday, July 18, 2006 

Cola Lollies

Aimee: Hhhmmmmmmm. They just taste like coke bottles. Sour coke bottles. When you suck it it looks like real coke!

Bree: They're sour. They taste like coke and the top like plastic lollies. Yummie.

Hope: (silence) It's nice. (silence) It tastes like coke. (long silence) It's really nice.

Mummy: Tastes like Pepsi. Um. Kind of plastic. But, ok.

Daddy: Slimy. Tastes like a jellyfish thats been stranded on a petroleum covered beach.

Someone needs to tell daddy that jelly fish on petroleum covered beaches aren't intended to be eaten!

hhmmmmm, but they looked so yummie.

the best coke lollies have the sugar coating on top... yummmmeee!

I kept reading and see you have tried those exact sugar coated ones! hehehe

In the States we have cherry coke bottle gummies and I miss them soooo much...I'll have to try these ones out. I'll let you know how they compare.

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